Small Zipper Spring And Autumn Summer Wear Wear-Resistant Breathable Factory Workshop Construction Engineering Auto Repair Tooling Uniforms

Short Description:

Brand: Wangdawang

Name: Small zipper spring and autumn summer labor insurance overalls

Color: customizable color

Fabric composition: Pure cotton

Fabric characteristics: no ball, no color fading, no shrinkage

Version index: moderate

Elasticity index: no bombs

Softness index: moderate

Thickness index: moderate

Wash gently at 30℃ Do not bleach. Hang to dry. Iron at 110℃

Product Detail

Product Tags

Size Table

size height/cm waistline chest circumference weight/kg
160 155-163 2.0 - 2.2 85-90 42~45
165 163-168 2.2 - 2.4 90-95 50~60
170 168-173 2.3 - 2.5 95-100 62~67
175 173-176 2.5 - 2.7 100-105 65~77
180 176-180 2.7 - 2.8 105-110 77~85
185 178-185 2.8 - 3.0 110-115 85~92
190 178-190 2.9 - 3.1 115-120 87~95

(It is normal for some products to have an error of 1-3cm due to the special version of the product and the different personal measurement methods and positions.)


Better fabrics: We promise that this product uses all-process fabrics, does not fade, does not shrink, and the fabrics are comfortable, breathable, self-cultivating and beautiful.
Reinforcement is more durable: All key parts are reinforced with tacking treatment, which is not easy to wear, and the wear time of tooling is longer.
High-quality version: exquisite and good workmanship, comfortable version, ergonomic cutting, superb craftsmanship.
Zippers are more durable: high-quality zippers purchased by large-scale factories can withstand ten thousand times of opening and closing.
Details: classic lapel neckline, unique ingenuity and design aesthetics, comfortable to wear; large chest pockets, easy to use, stylish and practical volume and combination; loose cuffs, traditional hem, high quality, exquisite 3D sewing, straight and neat lines; reinforced details The knot, the wiring is uniform, and the safety is guaranteed.


Suitable for environmental sanitation, power grid, engineering, warehouse logistics, building construction, automobile maintenance, petroleum and petrochemical, etc., it is durable and wear-resistant labor insurance work clothes


About the printing:  Work clothes and logo shirts are printed on the location according to requirements; Once the content of your company's logo is printed, it will not be returned or exchanged, please understand; Printing needs to postpone the delivery time according to the location and content, please email us for details; Printing process: first send us the pattern text to be customized, then select the style and color of the clothes, and finally produce the tooling for your company.
About color: All the products of this company are taken in kind. There may be slight chromatic aberration due to camera, lighting, display, etc. Some products are packaged frequently or the page is not updated in time. Please refer to the actual product.
About after-sales: The products customized or purchased in our company have quality assurance, and the process from order to delivery is very strict. If you have any questions or unsatisfactory locations, you can contact us and we will answer them carefully.
About signing: After the goods are delivered to you, check whether the outer packaging is worn or not, and if there are signs of damage, please report the damage in time. The company will not be responsible for the damage of the goods after the receipt.

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