Development and Opportunities Brought by Labor Insurance Industry to Ci County

“At present, Cixian’s labor insurance industry has absorbed more than 100000 employees. Many rural left behind elderly and women can participate in the production of labor insurance products at the ‘door of their home’, effectively increasing family income.” On June 18, Wang Zhidong, President of Hebei Cixian labor protection association, told reporters.

Cixian residents sew labor protection clothing at the production and processing points of labor protection clothing.

Cixian labor protection industry started in the early 1980s. There are 1200 labor protection product manufacturers with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. The products cover canvas gloves, hard hats, masks, protective clothing, labor protection shoes, etc., of which canvas gloves account for more than 90% of the national market share. The sales market of labor protection products covers the whole country and is exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Workers of a shoe-making enterprise in Cixian county are carrying out appearance inspection on the production of labor protection rubber and plastic shoes.

As a labor-intensive industry, Cixian labor insurance industry has absorbed a large number of local jobs“ Because of the limited scale of the factory, many enterprises adopt the form of external processing for production, set up processing points in rural areas, communities and towns, provide processing equipment and skill training, and recruit surrounding farmers to work in the processing points. The average monthly income of farmers working here has reached 4000 yuan. ”

The labor insurance industry has a prominent effect of enriching the people, and has also been valued and supported by the government. In recent years, Cixian has actively promoted the upgrading of characteristic industries in this region through the implementation of labor protection industry upgrading planning, the introduction of supporting policies, the construction of labor protection industrial park and other measures.

Post time: Dec-08-2021
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