How should we choose the fabric of working clothes for summer?

  • As the weather is getting warmer, the need for heavy work clothes is gradually reduced. In hot summer,how should we choose the fabric of  working clothes
  • In the selection of fabrics, we should pay attention to the choice of moisture absorption and sweat drainage is better and easy to dry (moisture), generally speaking, choose hemp fabric, silk fabric or cotton fabric, should not choose chemical fiber fabric. From the hygroscopic point of view, hemp fabric not only good hygroscopic, but also good hygroscopic. Conduction of heat is fast. If summer feedsack dress, quickly absorb sweat and sweat, make the wearer has the feeling of smooth and cool, during the summer, the pure silk clothes is very cool and comfortable, but this custom uniform price relatively is a times more than the general price, so the enterprise can choose according to 

    own actual situation. Material, suitable and reasonable price is a standard that enterprises should go to measure.



  • Another factor to consider in choosing fabric is that it must have excellent air permeability. If the air permeability is good, it is conducive to heat dissipation. Therefore, the more loose the fabric structure is, the better the air permeability of the fabric is. In general, the fabric of summer customized work clothes must be considered from the comfort and cool, as well as breathable and other aspects, only in this way to ensure that employees will not produce too much sweat when working, affecting the normal work.spandex 涤纶图片 府绸图片 锦纶 图片 麻 图片 mulberry silk

Post time: Apr-09-2022
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